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5 Wrong Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur

Even those of us who never take the plunge at least occasionally fantasize about what it would be like to create and run a business of our own, whether we’re after the creative potential, the feeling of autonomy or the chance to follow our passion. Being motivated only by money will interfere with your ability to make long-term decisions for your business, and will leave you feeling unsatisfied and stressed if you don’t meet your target numbers. To become famousIt’s true that becoming an entrepreneur has the potential to increase your personal visibility — especially if your marketing strategy relies on media exposure. Tese are high-profile people who get lots of media attention and have attained celebrity status. […] pursuing business creation and management for the sole sake of gaining popularity for yourself is a bad idea. 4.To make other people happySome entrepreneurs start businesses because they like the idea of being a positive force in the world, and I respect that. Unfortunately, though, this mentality may lead to poor business decisions; for example, you’ll be more likely to keep unproductive workers around (rather than making tough decisions to fire them) because you’ve bonded with them. 5. […] Why not?”You may not have a specific motivation. There are lots of good reasons to become an entrepreneur, but before you take the next step, think carefully about what your personal motivations are, and whether they’re healthy reasons to pursue business ownership.Related:

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