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Top 6 Tips On Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension Application

As an immigrant entrepreneur in the UK you must want to get an extension for your tier 1 entrepreneur visa in London so that you can easily do the business, earn profit and achieve your targets. To ensure that you will receive Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension without any complication you need to follow some tips. Apart from hiring the expert visa lawyers you have to take care of few vital matters while applying for the visa extension as an entrepreneur in London.

Just like your initial visa application, at the time of the extension application too you need to submit a lot of papers. Keep all the documents ready with you so that you can submit them as soon as the immigration office asks you to put down your documents. You can apply for the extension after the first 3 years. The documents must demonstrate what your business has achieved and what you have offered to this country and its economy in these three years.

Mange Your Investment Funds Wisely

The immigration office will try to know how wisely you have utilized your investment funds in your business. It is not only about putting the funds into the business, but how correctly the business utilizes that fund and get benefits from the same in these first three years. Know which the expenditures are that cannot be counted as your investment in business when you are applying for the extension of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa UK.

If you are determined about applying for the extension after 3 years, then you should plan early. Ensure that you run your business according to the immigration laws of the country so that your extension application can be an easy process for you after the first three years. When you have an effective plan, then you can improve your chance of having the approval for the extension application from the immigration department.

Show That You Are Genuine

Be prepared to face the genuine entrepreneur test at the extension stage. To become successful in this test and prove yourself a genuine entrepreneur, it is advisable to collect more evidence than you actually need as per the immigration rules. Think about the best evidences that you can submit to the immigration department as the proof of your genuineness as an entrepreneur. However, there is no universal rule for selecting these evidences. The proofs that are suitable for one business may not be the appropriate ones for the others. Therefore, be careful about the evidence you should gather to prove that you are a genuine entrepreneur.

Keep Up To Date With The Changes

To obtain the approval and avoid the Tier 1 entrepreneur refusal for the extension you should keep yourself updated about the changes in the norms and categories. This is very crucial because your documents, evidence and other factors depend on the same. Ensure that you are well aware of the current law regarding this process and prepare your plan according to those regulations.